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About Marketing 4 Ministry

As Christians, our mission is to spread the good news of the gospel far and wide. And since we want each and every person to hear that message, wouldn’t we want to use the most effective methods we can? Of course!

The goal of Marketing 4 Ministry is to equip church leaders with the tools to spread the gospel in the most effective way possible. I believe that marketing is one of those tools. You can read more about why marketing belongs in every church here.

Marketing 4 Ministry is a place to find answers to your questions about how to use marketing to reach your community.

The woman behind the blog

My name is Jennifer and I am the voice behind Marketing 4 Ministry. I have been a Christian all my life and have had a love of writing from a very young age. I used to say I stumbled into marketing but I know now that God was guiding me. Writing about marketing is just such a natural fit for me. And God calls each of us to use the gifts He gave us to bring people into His light. 

I realized some time ago that the very tools I was using in my work could be used to draw people to God. My gifts are writing and marketing, so here I am, with the goal of growing God’s kingdom by telling others what He has shown me.

What’s In It For Me?

If you are a pastor, church communications director, or just someone who wants to help your church grow, then I invite you to read more.

You will find articles ranging from beginner to more advanced and everything in between. No matter where you are on your journey there are some tips, tools, and ideas here for you, all with the goal of helping your church bring more people into a  closer relationship with God.

If all of this is new to you, then I suggest you start here.

If you are a bit more seasoned and want some practical tips on social media, I have you covered.